Provided services:

You can purchase a set of commands, currency or resources.
Acquired ranks are valid for all Mineland Network servers.

The current and detailed information can be found in the Shop section.
The services specified in the description at the time of purchase are provided.



purchase of services is final and is not refundable.
Requesting a refund will result in the account being blocked on the server (perm-ban).

The account owner is responsible for the account and the safety of access to it.
In case of hacking, account blocking, etc, donation transfer is not carried out.


In case of problems with purchasing and receiving services, contact us at [email protected].

For treatment it is necessary to provide detailed information about the purchase: Nickname, Current Rank, Problem, Proof of Payment.


Mineland Network is a network of Minecraft servers that are not affiliated with the Mojang AB development company.

Any contributions and purchases made in this store go to the support of Mineland Network developers.


Administration guarantees the safety of data, except for force majeure.

In the case of force majeure, the administration reserves the right to decide how to proceed.
Any personal information received will be used only to complete the payment operation by both the administration and payment systems.


Purchase of services is carried out only on this site.
No outside sources or people have the right to sell services.
Payment is made in various ways:
"PayPal, credit cards, etc" Depending on the country, in which you are situated.
From the method of payment depends on the time of enrollment and commission, we try to make it so there's no trouble for the client.

Administration is not responsible for improperly transferred funds.
By purchasing services on the site, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or have parental consent to purchase.
We are not responsible for payments made without consent as we can not control the purchase of it.