BuildBattle and cracked mode

We have 2 important news. First, we are going to change server to cracked mode and second, we open new minigame - BuildBattle!

Spring sale

Today is very good day! Good spring day! And we are thinking that is a very good week for spring sale! In article you will read what will be in future with our server :)

1.9 update has come!

We updated server to 1.9! We don't make 1.8/1.9 support because all our plugins working well on 1.9 and we are love 1.9 features (especially, wings <3). So only players with client version 1.9 can connects to our Skyblock minecraft server 1.9.

New spawn on SkyBlock

New spawn is very beatiful! Our friends made it in medieval style. We are thinking that this spawn will be great for our SkyBlock server :)

Also we made many tutorial signs. It will be very good for new players in SkyBlock. More details you can get in our server.

We are open!

skyblock server working

Hello everyone!

Our server works now. Many features are no working, but main skyblock plugin works perfectly! In few days we will add new levels system with quests. Let's go to the server: :)